NXQ4006MaskAligner s

The NXQ4006 Mask Aligner combines innovative design with precision alignment and exposure features. The versatility of the NXQ4006 has made it the choice of manufacturing facilities, R&D Centers and university programs around the world, for a wide range of technologies. It supports Soft/Hard pressure contact and Vacuum contact printing. The
system can also print in Manual Proximity mode after leveling between the wafer and mask. It can process partial and whole substrates up to 150mm (6”).

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LJUHV E-400L E-Beam Evaporator

E400L s

The LJUHV E-400L electron beam evaporator is a customized automatic system. It consist of load/unload chamber, process chamber, vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, evaporation source, thickness monitor, and substrate plasma clean module.

LKJ-1D-100 Ion Beam Milling System

IonMilling s

LKJ-1D-100 Ion Beam Milling System ionize possess high-quality ion source, which is the advantageous technique of Beijing institute of advanced ion beam technology. This system ionize Ar atom to Ar+ because of glow discharge in the cavity of ion source. Right after ionization, Ar+ is ejected and accelerated by grid electrode, and finally bombard the surface of sample physically. The atoms of sample are splashed away, resulting physical etching.

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